Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HIMSS Learning Center?

The HIMSS Learning Center is an online resource for continuing education in health IT. We provide a full schedule of webinars and virtual briefings on the most pressing topics for healthcare professionals. Presentations are delivered live by established experts during business hours. Attendees who join the live presentation will have the opportunity to ask questions directly during the session. Recorded presentations are made available soon after the live session.

What is CPHIMS/CAHIMS Certification, and how do I track it?

Achieving CPHIMS/CAHIMS Certification demonstrates you meet an international standard of professional knowledge and competence in healthcare information and management systems. Content within the HIMSS Learning Center indicates eligibility for CPHIMS and CAHIMS credit. Candidates who meet CPHIMS eligibility requirements can apply to take the certification examination. Learn about the Steps to Becoming a Certified Professional in Health Information & Management Systems. Credit tracking forms are located  under Certification Benefits in the Earn Credits tab.

Why do I have to "upgrade" to access content?

There are varieties of content and events available in the Learning Center. For some content items, you will be prompted to "upgrade" in order to view the content item. Please note, although you are upgrading to access the item, only Online Courses and Conference Presentations have a cost associated with them.

How do I change my language preferences?

Education is universal! The HIMSS Learning Center offers multiple languages to choose from in order for attendees to gain the most value out of the Learning Center! Changing your language in your profile will update navigation items in the toolbar and translate private communications such as private chats and email communications. A full list of supported language alternates is available under "My Profile" where you can adjust your preference.

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