HIMSS Learning Center content is transitioning January 31, 2022.

·     Find your HIMSS conference sessions and continuing education opportunities on Accelerate.

·     Find other news articles, blogs, and webinars on HIMSS Resource Hub.

Register today for Accelerate and HIMSS Resource Hub for uninterrupted access to your favorite resources.

Common questions:

  • Q. How long will I be able to access himsslearn.org?
    A. All content will be served on the HIMSS Resource Hub or Accelerate. You will be able to log into himsslearn.org and access your user history and associated credits, documents, and certificates until the site is turned off on June 30, 2022. We recommend downloading these for your own records.
  • Q. Will I need a new login on the new platforms?
    A. You must create an account to access the content on Accelerate. A HIMSS membership is not required to access content on the HIMSS Resource Hub, but you will be asked to register the first time you access it.
  • Q. I can't find HIMSS Global Conference content
    A. Sessions from HIMSS Global Conference are now being hosted on Accelerate. Learn more and create your account here: https://info.youraccelerate.com/himsslearn/


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